This Year, Choose You!

This Year, Choose You!

Happy March!  This is your friendly reminder before it’s Memorial Day to choose you all year this year.  The New Year always brings up the conversation of resolutions and the critical look at our efforts and accomplishments from the previous year.  Self-evaluation is valuable, however, the New Years' review is always heavily based on material accomplishment and outward achievement. The weight loss goals, career goals, travel goals, business goals, education goals, the money goals can drive us into an unhealthy balance.  My wonderful Aunt refers to it as being outwardly motivated.  This outward motivation can often trap us in the rat race of outward performance.  And the social media-driven matrix that we live in, it is hard to not get sucked into doing it for the gram (I do not think people say that anymore, but you get my point). Meanwhile, we slowly disconnect from our well-being because we are so busy doing and posting and doing and posting.

So this year, pick you.  Nurture you, Cultivate you.  Cheer for You.  Love You. Heal You.  Be compassionate with yourself this year.  Take time to sit still and hold space for yourself to see what comes up.  Unlearn ideologies that no longer serve you.  Quiet the negative inner critic within. Give yourself praise when you make progress.  Laugh at your own jokes.  Open those hips and dance like no one is watching.  I want you to put as much effort into connecting with yourself as you do with connecting with others and your goals.  Fall back in love with your very essence.  Get to know yourself again outside of the image that you put out into the world.  So that the outer image and inner authenticity begin to merge into the highest version of yoursent.  The real you and not the IG version of yourself.  Connect with yourself.  You are worth it.  The more you connect with yourself, the more genuine people desire to connect with you.  The more you connect with yourself, you become the magnet for your tribe to be drawn to you.  

This is not just about being selfish, well yes kind of.  However, I see women everyday running on mental and emotional fumes for their children, parents, careers, spouses, and even image (social media).  Doing the most for everyone but themselves.  Yet their own cup continues to go unfulfilled.  The little girl in them is constantly neglected for the womanly aspirations.    Choosing you is about finding that healthy balance inside so that our outside display comes from an authentic place. An authenticity that radiates within and beams brightly to the outer world.  

This work is about being intentional and accountable to make sure that your cup is replenished.   This work is about giving yourself permission rather than waiting on permission.  This work is about validating your worth instead of waiting on someone to validate you.  This work is about being truly fulfilled and not just creating a mirage of fulfillment while your spirit wanders through the desert.  This work is about working within so the highest version of yourself radiates effortlessly for you first and any outside audience second.  This work is about taking time to be one with yourself and developing a relationship of love and trust with yourself first.

You know I love to drip gems and tips.  So below are a few suggestions on how to choose yourself every day this year.  Small steps and consistency are key.  The work does not happen unless you work it.

  1. Meditation

Taking a few minutes every morning to clear your mind and sit quietly before you start your day is an amazing way to choose you.  It sets the tone for the day.  It does not take a long time.  But there is something magical about quieting the mind, finding the breath, and just being still.  Intentional quieting the inner noise for just a few minutes a day can reap great rewards.  Check out Abraham Hicks on Youtube.

  1. Mirror Work

Get into it, Honey!  Look at yourself in the eye, find your soul, smile, and say, “I 

love you.”  This daily practice of affirming your own love for yourself is a true 

biohack.  Your ears hearing your own voice, giving yourself love and affection, 

while simultaneously looking yourself in the eye is where the magic happens.  

Love on yourself in the mirror and outloud. Becoming the lover of our own soul and the lifter of your own head.  Remember the answers, the love, and the magic you seek are often within. This is how you pour into your own cup and keep it overflowing.  This action will speed up anything you are desiring to attract into your life.

  1. Journal/Scripting

Write it down!  Get it out of your head and onto paper. Not only goals, but more 

importantly your emotions.  Journaling gives us the opportunity to release the 

words that keep spiraling in our head onto paper in a helpful way.  It provides the opportunity to connect with ourselves and think through our words and experiences as you put the pen to the paper.  Scripting allows is to time travel on paper and cast a powerful spell of gratitude by writing down your desires as if they have already happened.  For example, “I am so grateful that I have a wonderful, healthy, honest relationship with a kind, generous, loving, romantic, wealthy man that marries me.” Or….

“I am so happy that I received several the job offers that exceeded my salary expectations and provide work life balance.”  Journaling and Scripting ensures that you make time to sit down with yourself, and spend time with your thoughts, which flows right into choosing yourself.

  1. Sunlight/Nature

Vitamin D!  Choose yourself and commit to giving your body outside time and 

physical movement.  Make time to take in the fresh air, the sunlight, the mountains, the  beach, the park, or the local greenspace.  Your body needs time to be in nature to and feel the warmth of the sun of the cool of the breeze.  It is as easy as taking a five minute walk around the corner or standing on your balcony while drinking a cup of coffee.  Take time to notice the sun rise, the colors in the sky, the birds and squirrels, and the seasonal changes that reflect in the trees. Slow down, be present, and connect with nature. This simple tip has a myriad of 

benefits for your mental and physical health.  

  1. Shadow Work

I love the term shadow work, just because it sounds taboo and spooky.  Western 

society’s program heavily focuses on love, light, bright, and white.  So even the 

terms shadow and dark have a malevolent and wicked connotation.  Yet shadow 

work simply refers to bringing into to balance the dark parts of ourselves that 

have been repressed.  Far too often, these emotions, thoughts, habits, cycles, and behaviors are not processed in a meaningful way if at all.  This is creates emotional triggers and mental land minds.  By reckognizing and analyzing our shadow, a deep innerstanding is gained that yields self love, self discipline, self actualization, and emotional intelligience.  It creates space for us to love ourselves in a more complete way as oppose to only the “good” parts of ourselves.  The Earth needs darkness to sustain it’s very existence, so do you.  Every seed including human life requires darkness for development.  So find your balance with shadow.  

Happy March!  It is a new month and we are entering a new season.  Now, make time to make yourself a priority.  Become the best version of yourself by going within and doing the inner work it will only make you shine brighter.  I am rooting for you to win!  I am here to say it is ok to tell everyone else NO, and give yourself and your life the YES you need.  This is your time.

With Love,


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